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Seeking Primary Care Leaders 

The Ottawa Health Team (OHT - ÉSO) is looking for Physicians and Nurse Practitioners to serve as leaders and stewards for their professional peer groups on our multidisciplinary team.  We are looking for systems-minded, collaborative providers who have an appetite to influence the direction of change in health care in a meaningful way.  You are someone who enjoys problem solving and engaging in conversations that matter with your professional communities and across disciplines.  You have a medium to high tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty.  You are well respected and have exceptional interpersonal and collaboration skills.  You believe in the need to build trusting relationships between the Ottawa Health Team- Équipe Santé Ottawa and primary care providers and have faith in the OHT-ESO’s ability to improve outcomes across the four quadrants of the quadruple aim: Population Health, Care Team Well Being, Patient Experience, and Value. 


I am this person. What will I be doing in this group? 


Is the OHT - ESO trying to transform the local healthcare system?  Yes!  At maturity, we hope to make transformational advances toward a more integrated health experience for our entire attributed population without losing what is currently working well.  


However, we are starting small.  Currently, we are working toward our first building block: Prioritizing a defined subset of the whole population to focus care redesign and improvement efforts.  These are:  

  • Adults with moderate to complex Mental Health and Addictions needs  

  • Frail older adults (55+ years of age) with low or  no social supports 


Our hope is to make a significant difference in the lives of these population groups while closing gaps and reducing impact on the system. We aim to bring the learning from successes and failures into subsequent years, using our experience to unlock future improvements in healthcare and inform how best to build a high functioning Ottawa Health Team - Équipe Santé Ottawa. 


Your role will be three-fold:  


Build a robust engagement model that meets the diverse needs of Primary Care Providers in our community.  

  • This model will be built to engage with providers in different practice configurations (FHT’s, FHG’s, CHC’s etc.) and solo practitioners. Ideally it will be a simple, low cost, and easy to access model that enables Primary Care Providers (PCPs) to stay informed, share their input and ideas and most importantly, establish a trusting relationship between PCPs and the OHT - ESO. Your creative mind will be instrumental in developing an engagement model that is effective without creating a burdensome opportunity cost for PCP’s.  


Explore and advance options and models to evolve a strong foundation of primary health care. 

  • Working in conjunction with established action groups and using feedback from the engagement model, engage in cycles of learning and planning that bring priorities to fruition. 


Provide effective representation at the Collaborative Leadership table 

  • Two members of the Primary Care Partner Table (PCPT) are representatives at the Collaborative Leadership table. These members also co-chair the PCPT.  


This sounds like a lot of work.  What’s in it for me? 


It depends how you look at it.  At this time, MD providers can obtain up to 60 Mainpro+ certified Group Learning credits per year.  While NP’s are not eligible for Mainpro credits we would be happy to document and provide written confirmation of participation and contribution.  All providers will be compensated at $120/hour for attending each monthly 2 hour meeting (plus .5 hour of prep time).  The Co-leads are provided an additional 2.5 hours of compensation for each attended Collaborative Leadership meeting.  But of course the real reward is:  

  • The opportunity to be at the heart of an exciting time of change in Ontario healthcare 

  • The chance to innovate and experiment with how healthcare can work differently, by working differently 


What are the terms? 


At this stage, we are asking for a two year commitment with a minimum of a 2 hour meeting each month.  Meetings are held virtually (or in person as appropriate) on the second Friday of every month from 3:00 – 5:00 pm.   Additional time will be spent with activities you volunteer to do outside of the meetings. 


How will candidates be chosen? 


The pool of candidates will be reviewed by a multidisciplinary panel of PCPs currently working in the community. 


Applicants will be screened for eligibility and selected applicants will be invited to attend a brief interview with this panel to discuss their interest and fit for being a member of the OHT - ÉSO PCPT.  


How do I apply? 


To find out more information about this opportunity and to apply, please see our application.


Application forms will be accepted until the vacancies are filled.

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