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How we Work

As part of our unique partnership approach, we're drawing on the collective strength of dozens of healthcare, mental health and social service providers throughout the city to realize our vision of community health and wellbeing.  

The Ottawa Health Team - Équipe Santé Ottawa (OHT - ÉSO) includes client and family partners and more than 60 organizational partners from: 

  • Primary care 

  • Acute care 

  • Sub-acute care 

  • Long-term care 

  • Supportive housing 

  • Home and Community care and support 

  • Mental health and addictions support 

  • Palliative care 

  • Emergency services 

  • Public health 

  • Social services 

Big Tree

Every one of our partners is committed to equity: making sure the health system gives everyone access to supports, resources and services they need to be healthy and well. 

The OHT – ÉSO is steered by the Collaborative Leadership Group (CLG), which is made up of representatives of the organizations that have joined the OHT – ÉSO. The CLG is informed by established groups, including the Primary Care Partner Table, the Client Partner Table, and regular meetings with all organizational partners.   

Collaborating on person-centred care

Reimagining the local health system takes new kinds of teamwork and trust - and commitment to a shared vision. Within the OHT - ÉSO, we've created action teams to drive and nurture system change. These teams are made up of people who truly understand the current challenges and opportunities across the system and make recommendations on how to improve it. They use evidence-informed decision-making to set a responsible path forward.  

For our health team, "evidence" includes scientific and medical research, local contextual information, and insights from service providers’, clients', families' and caregivers' personal or lived experience.  

Creating a learning health system

Organizations that learn tend to be more creative and innovative. They're better able to turn new knowledge into action that makes a difference. The OHT - ÉSO was designed from the outset to ensure our health system is a learning health system. We continuously assess what's working and what's not and apply lessons learned to improve health outcomes and the system overall. 

Process for a learning health system.png

Health Equity Charter – Ottawa Health Team - Équipe Santé Ottawa 

The Ottawa Health Team - Équipe Santé Ottawa and Partners will embed equity in organizational cultures, governance, human resources, service delivery and community engagement. 

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