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Welcome to the first edition of our OHT-ÉSO Newsletter!

As a friend of the OHT-ÉSO, we aim to keep you in the loop about our projects and initiatives as well as introduce you to some of the great work our Partners are up to. We hope you find something relevant here to your everyday experience in healthcare. We are all working toward a better system for our clients and providers. So, as our Partners, please consider this our bi-monthly update on our collective success. If you aren’t familiar with our OHT- ÉSO, click on the Home link above.

This first issue highlights the revived OHT- ÉSO initiative of Home First. While this philosophy of care has been around for years, it is getting increased attention in part due to Bill 7. We were already working on this initiative before the Bill was introduced, so we can share how we are collaborating to bring patient care back to the comfortable, familiar surroundings of home. This work particularly influences our focused population of frail, older adults.

We’ll also hear about a long-awaited development in digital patient records. Members of our Primary Care Partner Table have collaborated with other organizations to use their collective insight to improve efficiency and workload for our healthcare providers.

The OHT- ÉSO is also progressing well with our newly formed Performance Measurement Group. Find out how we’re digging deep into data to inform the care you provide to your clients and improve population health outcomes.

We’d love to hear from you! Click the button that says "Feedback" at the bottom of each article or the email to provide ideas for future issues.



Leslie Wells

Director, Ottawa Health Team – Équipe Santé Ottawa

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