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Thank you for attending our All-Partner Meeting on September 25th, 2023!

Key Takeaways and Next Steps.   

On September 25, 2023, the OHT-ÉSO welcomed 61 partner organizations, client partners, and primary care providers to our first in-person meeting since prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of the meeting was to offer an opportunity for partners to re-engage on priority topics for the OHT-ÉSO, and provide guidance, feedback, and suggestions on how to meaningfully progress work across all OHT-ÉSO areas of work.  

There were three key themes that transcended discussion topics throughout the day: 


Partners believe the role of the OHT-ÉSO is to facilitate strategic connections, alignment, and collective impact amongst work already happening to address key system challenges. Rather than focusing exclusively on leading independent initiatives, the OHT-ÉSO should help partners understand how their work contributes to collective goals, and providing supports and guidance to partners that help them ensure their work has an impact at the system level. ​

The intersectional nature of health and wellbeing needs to be consistently emphasized in all areas of OHT-ÉSO work. The social determinants of health, and intersecting health challenges, impact how individuals interact with health and social care systems. Partners need help to support their patients and clients with all their health and social needs rather than siloing organizations and clients into restrictive and reductive categories. ​



There is appetite and interest from OHT-ÉSO partners to contribute to system transformation efforts, but engagement and implementation opportunities need to be tailored to different levels of capacity, in recognition of the ongoing strain organizations and individuals are under. Clear, tangible action plans will help organizations determine how they can be involved and support the achievement of collective goals.

To access the Summary Report from the meeting, please click here. 

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