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Measuring improvements in system navigation for clients and caregivers

Learn more about our Patient Navigation Monitoring Framework 

Part of the OHT-ÉSO vision and mission is to simplify and increase access to care, and these efforts are foundational to many of our initiatives. With this in mind, we are seeking to better understand and document the impact of these efforts on improving navigation outcomes and experience for our communities. 

Our Patient Navigation Working Group has identified the development of a monitoring framework as an opportunity to capture data on outcomes across the system in the area of navigation. This framework, aligned with the quadruple aim and embedded with an equity focus lens, highlights common navigation principles and links them to targeted indicators to measure an integrated care experience. Our aim is to create a monitoring framework that demonstrates how OHT-ÉSO initiatives contribute to improving domains of patient navigation by capturing the core evaluation criterion and key indicators used to observe improvements and challenges of navigation based on OHT-ÉSO and regional priorities. This framework will also help future Action Teams and committees examine how their work could also support better navigation and experience and outcomes. 

Next steps will include completing the first iteration of the monitoring framework, guided by the partners in our working group, and sharing that with our broader network for guidance, feedback, and suggestions about the next steps in implementation.  

Patient Navigation Working Group members include: 

Cathie Racicot (South-East Ottawa CHC) 

Patricia Aslin (South-East Ottawa CHC) 

Tammy Pulfer (Regional Geriatric Program of Eastern Ontario) 

For more information on this initiative, please contact Shaina Smith at 

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