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Please join us for our upcoming all-partner meeting!

Sept 25, 2023, at the RA Centre

We are excited to welcome our organizational partners, primary care partners, and client partners to an in-person meeting this coming September to re-connect with each other, review our collective accomplishments, and plan for next steps across our key OHT-ÉSO portfolios.  


















The day will be divided into three sections: 

9:00-11:30 OHT-ÉSO Priority Population: Mental Health and Substance Use 

Goal: Develop a list of potential new areas for improvement within the mental health and substance use system, based on needs reflected in data and lived experience. 

11:30-2:00 All OHT-ÉSO Partners: Celebrating our Achievements, Planning for Next Steps 

Lunch will be provided as part of this session. 


  1. Review OHT-ÉSO progress and accomplishments since 2020 and level-set on OHT-ESO vision, structure, and strategic goals 

  1. Collect ideas, feedback, and input from partners on key OHT capacity building areas.  

  1. Build relationships and connections amongst OHT-ESO partner organizations, client partners, and primary care providers.  

2:00-4:00 OHT-ÉSO Priority Population: Frail Older Adults 

Goal: Review work to date on the Community Health Teams model that supports frail older adults to successfully live at home as long as possible and examine opportunities to bring this model to life in different communities in Ottawa. 

















Partners are invited to register for the sessions that they feel are most relevant to them.  

If you have any questions, or are interested in registering for the meeting, please contact Leslie Wells at

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