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Focusing in on Digital Health 

Ensuring your voice is heard in digital health planning 

The OHT-ÉSO's Digital Health and Information Management Strategic Leadership Team is made up of subject matter experts and thought leaders within the OHT-ÉSO in the fields of digital health and information management and provide strategic guidance on how best to leverage technology to support improved care for our community. The DHIM team has been meeting since December 2022 and is working to understand local, regional, and provincial priorities and how best to engage with partner organizations, primary care partners, and client partners to inform our OHT’s priorities in this portfolio.  

With this in mind, we are excited to announce upcoming focus groups that will bring together hospital services, frail older adults, and mental health and substance use experts to share experiences that will begin the process of strategy planning and co-designing initiatives that will improve the health outcomes for the patients of our OHT. 

The goal of this focus group is to foster collaboration and dialogue among various stakeholders in the healthcare system to develop more effective and equitable approaches to addressing the barriers in today's complex digital health system. One key aspect of these focus groups will be an emphasis on equity, recognizing that services across the continuum are not the same based on the providing organization.


By centering equity in our planning and co-designing efforts, we hope to identify and address the root causes of these disparities and ensure that all organizations can provide high-quality healthcare services enabled by digital health tools. By bringing together these varied perspectives, we hope to generate new ideas and strategies that will lead to better outcomes.  Stay tuned for the results of these discussions and more information on how we can work together to improve our health system.  

If you have any questions about the focus groups or the Digital Health and Information management Strategic Leadership Team, please contact Ernest Ling, Digital Health Lead, Ottawa Health Team – Équipe Santé Ottawa;

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