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Professional Development Opportunities for OHT-ÉSO Organizational Partners 

Building collective capacity to tackle health system change 

OHT-ÉSO is committed to capacity building with our organizational partners in ways that recognize the unique nature and needs of different organizations and address partner-identified priority areas. We are particularly excited to share two upcoming free learning opportunities for partners. 

Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s QI Open School 

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement is an internationally recognized leader in health care improvement science and hosts a virtual Open School with the goal of increasing access to learning opportunities on quality improvement, patient safety, health equity, leadership, and client-centered care. OHT-ÉSO partner organizations will receive access to IHI’s library of quality improvement courses in these areas with the goal of increasing our collective capacity to lead and participate in improvement efforts from a common knowledge base.  

San’yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training Program 

San’yas is an Indigenous-led, policy-driven, and system-level educational intervention to foster health equity and mitigate the effects of systemic racism experienced by Indigenous people in health and other sectors. Through a variety of self-selected learning modules, participants will learn concrete ways to strengthen their knowledge, awareness, and skills for working with and providing service to Indigenous people and communities; work more safely and effectively with Indigenous people and begin considering their role in correcting, rebuilding, and transforming systems to uproot Indigenous-specific racism. Due to the high demand for this training in 2022, the OHT-ÉSO has secured additional licenses for the San’yas Core Health, Mental Health, and Enhanced Health modules to support our collective continuing education on these critical issues.  

For questions, please contact Aleksandra Milosevic at  

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