Reimagining our Health System 


The Ontario Health Team (OHT) concept is a change in direction from previous ways of organizing the health system in Ontario. 

Instead of a system built “from the top down,”

OHTs promise a system built “from the ground up”

with community-based health care providers, primary care,

and clients as the foundation. 




At this stage, health care providers can choose to become part of their local OHTs – membership is voluntary. 



                                                             Hundreds of health and social service providers                                                                       have already joined forces across the province to                                                                     create their own OHTs, designed by and for their                                                                     specific communities. 


That means each Ontario Health Team can evolve and anticipate to best meet the needs of the people it serves, whether cultural, geographic, or economic. 



Our Vision:  

People are healthy, well and supported to live in the community.  

Our Mission:

Ensure people have equitable access to high quality care and support when and where they need it.  

Ensure people have the best possible experience as they access and receive health care and supports.  

Improve the experience and work life of providers and staff striving to provide quality  care and     support.   

Establish the conditions that support health and create healthy communities.