Primary Care Partners' Table Communiqué 1: 
Help Shape Our Local Health System

OHT-ESO Connected Supports for Your Patients


Inform your clients about Counselling Connect-Counseling on connecte, a portal to access the community mental health and addictions counselling services of 20 partner agencies and over 100 counselling staff.


Our Community Health Team model designed to provide coordinated access to care and support for frail older adults will be trialed this summer. Stay tuned!



An Ontario Health Team (OHT) is a group of health service providers and organizations that are working together to be clinically and fiscally responsible for delivering a fully coordinated continuum of care to people for a defined population. The Ministry of Health has mandated that organizations collaborate to develop these teams. In our region three OHTs are designated, including the Ottawa Health Team-Équipe Santé Ottawa (OHT-ESO), and others are forming. See this OHT-ESO backgrounder for more information.    

What can an Ontario Health Team do for you?


We know our patients need easier access to the services and supports they require. We also need better access to team-based care and improved care coordination.  


We want to work with you to make that a reality. Working with the OHT-ESO Collaborative Leadership Group and the 60 plus partner organizations we can help drive the changes for which we all are looking. We can help facilitate the connections and conversations between primary care providers and our partners like The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa Public Health and Ottawa Community Health Centres.  


What is the Primary Care Partner Table?


The OHT-ESO established our Primary Care Partner Table to help shape the work and decision-making of the OHT-ESO with the focus to strengthen the foundation of Primary Care in Ottawa’s health system. The nine member committee (six family doctors and 3 nurse practitioners) need input, support, and direction from our peers, working in different primary care settings.  


Get Connected - Be Involved!


The Primary Care Partner Table is committed to engaging with you to shape the work and decision-making of the OHT-ESO.  


We will send out regular (once a month only) communiques to share information and reach out when there are opportunities to give input and influence change. Please sign up to our Contact list so we can e-mail you directly. It is a two-way street so please connect if you have a question or change idea.  


OPPORTUNITY: We will be recruiting two physicians working in fee for service practices to join our table. Stay tuned for details!  


Looking forward to working with you! 

Dr. Alykhan Abdulla, NP Joanna Binch, Dr. John Brewer, NP Raquel de Queiroz, Dr. Marie-Claude Gagnon, Dr. Michael Hirsh, NP Hoda Mankal, Dr. Heidi Moore, Dr. Ben Robert 



Role in the Pandemic Response


The Primary Care Partner Table has been actively involved in the vaccine roll-out to reach those in our community who are most vulnerable. 

We helped to plan and implement the mass vaccination of people in retirement homes. We also partnered to plan and implement the Hotspot Mobile Vaccine Teams initiative with small clinical teams vaccinating door-to-door in apartment buildings in neighbourhoods with high COVID-19 rates.